A Recurring Dream

Lately I’ve been having a recurring dream, which I can only assume is in some way linked to the amount of time I have spent researching the Glass mystery.

It always starts the same way – a crack opens in my bedroom wall, and for some reason I climb through the crack and find myself in the bowels of a machine. Steam scorches my face and huge oil-slick cogs grind around me like slavering jaws, dripping their saliva on my head and back as I crawl beneath them. A continual cacophony – like every piece of music ever made played at once – assaults my ears and I am terrified.

After what seems like an age, I glimpse a sliver of light at the end of a shifting corridor and make my way towards it. The light is emanating from a crack in the machine’s wall, much like the one I used to enter it. Relieved I clamber through to find myself on my back in a huge library. I lift my head and see a man with a large moustache and a young boy. The boy looks scared and hides behind his guardian, as the man raises a shotgun, levels it at me, and with a smile on his face, pulls the trigger.

At this point, I awake.

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  1. Sarah Marshall says:

    Im a glass artist and my most resent work involves a large vessel which is meant to be an analogy of the mind it has a crack across it, inside the crack are many mirrors creating a sort of tardis. I also noticed the writer of Dr. Who using this theme and specific numbers that I find reoccuring in my life also. I recently made 2 windows for the Hobgoblin in Bath. Both have deliberate cracks through the middle. I am now studing cymatics as my new work is based around Roslin chapel and a father son team resently discovered that 121 stone cubes in the chaple denoted certain patterns created by sound vibrations or frequencies. Nobody knows what the purpose of these are (their team made a motet out of it) but I love a good mystery.
    Maybe its something to do with your time machine? My works quite gothic so I just typed in gothic glass into google and found myself here.

  2. GLASS says:

    That’s really interesting, thanks for commenting!

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